What is UKRR?

UKRR is a collaborative and coordinated approach between Higher Education Libraries and the British Library to manage the long-term sustainability of retaining low-use print journals. Large collections of journal back-runs represent a valuable source of knowledge, meaning libraries need to provide a means of access for researchers in order to allow this content to be used. However the low levels of use for some of these titles means that holdings can potentially be consolidated off-site, allowing space to be released for other library uses.

UKRR is a way for libraries with low-use print journals to manage their collections in a more efficient manner by coordinating their holdings with other libraries. By de-duplicating titles which are held elsewhere, libraries can share the responsibility of retaining low-use material whilst maintaining access for researchers who still need to access this material.

How is it working?

Within UKRR member libraries, users are already enjoying improved working environments and an increase in study spaces; whilst researchers have easier access to larger, more complete journal collections. By taking an innovative approach and moving away from ‘just in case’ collection management towards ‘just in time’ information provision, UKRR members are meeting the needs of all library users, whilst ensuring the security of existing knowledge for researchers.

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