UKRR and British Library Workshop July 2018

To gather the community's views on the possible UKRR self-service models beyond 2019 when the HEFCE funding comes to an end, UKRR and the BL will jointly host a workshop in London. This event aims to invite members of the community to help design and shape a future service model to ensure that UKRR continues to meet the sector’s needs and to help libraries make informed decisions about their own collections.

The workshop took place in London on 20th July.

The programme for the workshop is available here (and below), and a background document about UKRR processes and key topics for discussion on the day is available here.


Daryl Yang UK Research Reserve, UKRR – the show will go on

Jane Saunders UKRR and collaborative collection management: from a user perspective

Neil Grindley The NBK as a replacement for SUNCAT: what's the plan?

Andy Appleyard BL Update


Summary of workshop

Summary of group discussions

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