Strategic Management of Monographs

Discussion Forum

Burroughs Room, Wellcome Collection Conference Centre

17 March 2011

Discussion document

The discussion document resulting from the Strategic Management of Monographs Discussion Forum is available here.

Less is more: managing monograph collections in the 21st century


The Workshop programme, and list of delegates

The Strategic Management of Monographs forum was convened at the request of the UKRR Board, in order to determine whether there was interest within the library sector for a scheme aimed at de-duplicating monograph collections. It was funded by UKRR with generous assistance from the Research Information Network (RIN) and Research Libraries UK (RLUK).

Images and presentations from the day are available below.


Dr. Michael Jubb, Collaborative Collection Management Revived?

David Ruse, Big Society and Library closures - is there a place for Monograph Management in the New Landscape of Public Libraries?

Dr. Michelle O'Malley, 'What is the use of a book', thought Alice, 'without pictures or conversations'?

Brian Clifford, The White Rose Collaborative Collection Partnership

Break out groups

In the afternoon session delegates discussed the issues within their break out groups. They considered 4 high level questions. Images of the flip-charts produced by the groups are given below; click on the thumbnail image for a larger version.

Group 1: Why bother?

Give 5 reasons why we should bother addressing monograph duplication?

Session 1

Session 2

Group 2: Risks and challenges

Name 5 risks and 5 challenges to the creation and success of any scheme addressing this issue?

Session 1

Session 2

Group 3: Why might it fail?

Give 5 reasons why such an initiative might fail?

Session 1

Session 2

Group 4: Next steps

What are the next 5 steps from here? What needs to happen for the ideas discussed today to be put into practice?

Session 1

Session 2


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