How does UKRR work?

The UKRR process is designed to ensure completeness of the principal research collection which is securely housed in the British Library Document Supply Centre at Boston Spa. In order to safeguard access, two further copies are retained within UKRR member libraries. Each stage of the process is carefully managed to ensure sufficient copies are retained before any disposal takes place.

A typical UKRR cycle follows this path:

  • Having consulted with stakeholders about titles suitable for de-duplication, the library completes a template spreadsheet with the details and holdings of titles they wish to de-duplicate, and the space savings that will be realised. These details are submitted to UKRR by uploading to the LARCH system.
  • Submitted holdings are forwarded to the British Library where they are checked against loanable holdings already in their collection. Colleagues at SUNCAT check for holdings of the offered titles in other UKRR member collections, and this data is then forwarded to the British Library where a manual comparison is made between the holdings being offered and those available within other member's collections.
  • Material missing from the British Library’s existing lending collection will be requested by them in order to complete their holdings, whilst titles not already in the British Library collection will be assessed for suitability and may be requested by them in their entirety. Checks on the scarcity of a title within the collections of other UKRR members inform the decisions to retain or dispose the holding at the offering library.
  • Requested items are then sent to the British Library, or retained by the member library. Items identified as duplicating existing UKRR holdings can be sent for environmentally friendly disposal or donated to charity.
  • Access to material held in the Research Reserve is provided via the British Library’s established document supply service, with UKRR members receiving a premium 24 hour branded electronic delivery service for all their document requests.

Each cycle of UKRR lasts for six months, and all parties work to ensure that the submissions offered within this period are completed before the next cycle begins.