What our members say

"Kingston University joined UKRR in early 2009 as a Phase 2 partner. The project was well timed for us, as the University was beginning to discuss major alterations to its Penrhyn Road campus, which would have a direct impact on the LRC, giving us the opportunity to reconfigure the whole of the ground floor. At that stage, the ground floor of the LRC housed 1,200 linear metres of journals on a 2nd hand compact shelving unit which was rapidly coming to the end of its natural life. There was plenty of evidence to indicate that many of these journals were under-used and were gathering dust, having been superseded by e-journals. The old compact shelving unit was removed earlier this year and the building project was completed in September 2010. The space vacated by the rolling stock now houses a new learning café with comfortable seating and Wi-Fi access"

Helen Ward, (formerly) Kingston University, and Helen Timpson, (formerly) Kingston University

Kingston University learning cafe Kingston University learning cafe

The new learning cafe at Kingston University, occupying space released through participation in the UKRR scheme. Image © Chris Thomas, Kingston University.

"UKRR is crucial to our strategic planning & has helped us to form & operationalise an integrated digital & print collection whilst re‐profiling our physical estate to offer a world class study environment. We have been able to enhance the student experience in parallel to helping secure the journals knowledge base which is vital to research success"

Tracey Clark, University of Sheffield

"UKRR has enabled the University of Glasgow Library to free up space to create a new social learning space which has been heavily used since it opened. This has contributed to a significant rise in the number of students and researchers using the Library"

Susan Ashworth, University of Glasgow

Imperial hammersmith library before Imperial hammersmith library after

Changes in the Hammersmith Campus Library, Imperial College London, reflect the changing needs of users

"The UKRR project has enabled Imperial to consolidate journal stock, maximise use of library space AND ensure research material is kept safely"

Susanna Nutsford, (formerly) Imperial College London

"UKRR is one factor in our recent decision to postpone plans for a new offsite store in Aberdeen – we think that in a couple of years we may well be able to revise down the likely offsite storage requirements for our print collection"

Chris Banks, (formerly) University of Aberdeen

"UKRR is helping us liberate our staff to concentrate on delivering e‐learning services to our widely distributed student population whilst giving staff and students confidence that access to content is secured"

Nicky Whitsed, (formerly) The Open University

"UKRR is now a trusted entity: our academics especially in Science now know what it is, how it will work and the benefit for both the Library and themselves"

Jon Purcell, (formerly) University of St. Andrews