Phase Two

UKRR Phase 2 ran from 2009 to 2017 to help members dispose of duplicated material while preserving scarce holdings and filling collection gaps at the British Library (BL) to ensure loanable access to print journals is maintained for the research community.

Twenty nine Member Libraries, listed in the right side panel, participated in UKRR Phase 2. UKRR also welcomed the participation of the University of Bristol as a Contributor during the later part of Phase 2.

During Phase 2, UKRR processed more than 81,000 offered holdings (c. 94,250 shelf space meters) which resulted in more than 74km of shelf space being de-duplicated, allowing the space to be repurposed, and over 18,000 scarce holdings being retained for the research community.

Phase 2 was funded by a £9.8m grant from HEFCE to UKRR, as well as annual subscriptions from Member Libraries. It is estimated that Phase 2 achieved a capital saving of £22.5m and recurrent estate management savings of £2.2m per annum.

Space released at the University of Southampton through de-duplication allowed the library to provide additional study space for users.